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About Us

A group of talented enthusiasts excelling in language skills. We read, translate, listen to, speak and do many other things with Japanese and English every day. We love Chinese characters, anime, sake and sushi.

We take pride in what we do. Our services are designed to help you or your business. We excel in online social media marketing and content writing in Japanese.

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Document Translation

Everything is done by hand. No Google Translate. No machine translation.

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Flyers, Catalogues, Posters, etc.

We can annotate and translate your non-standard documents into Japanese.

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Social Media Management

We can manage your Facebook, Instagram or Twitter account in Japanese.

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Are you curious about what they talk about in your favorite anime? Do you want to know what your idol is talking about? Is there a video on YouTube you want to understand? Do you need subtitles for your movie in Japanese? Are you watching adult movies, but you don"t understand the conversations? We"re here to help! Feel free to contact us with any type of content.

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Translation is art. It"s not a profession. Nevertheless, there should be no mistakes in the delivered documents. Let us proofread your translation and correct mistakes that potentially cause misunderstandings.

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