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The Big Picture

Japan is a country that belongs to the developed world, therefore marketing in Japan is, in general not too different from marketing in other developed countries. The big picture is pretty similar to the big picture in overseas countries however there are subtle differences. So the starting point is very simple. Businesses are trying to target their audience in order to sell something. Speaking of marketing in Japan, it is very important to note that the market is extremely diverse. This means that every popular niche on the Japanese market has at least a few competing companies to share revenues. As expected, competition for very popular market segments are extremely severe and the only way to enter is to build up a successful marketing campaign for your target audience. You should very carefully plan your marketing strategies and make sure that you are using high-quality Japanese to advertise your products or services.


Language Barrier

Although broken English might still work for specific market segments where the price is more important than the actual marketing content the Japanese market is very sensitive when it’s about linguistics. Customers in Japan, and I suppose in many other countries associate mistaken grammatical structures with low quality products or services. A very simple example is the Japanese version of Amazon. Sellers from overseas are trying to enter the online market by listing products on Amazon with descriptions translated by machines. The site itself is very vigilant and doesn’t let content of low quality to appear. We see hundreds of product listings on the Japanese Amazon with machine translated titles and descriptions and they just don’t look right.


Marketing of Websites

The same applies for websites. Your site might look neat with machine translated Japanese content for the first sight. However grammatical mistakes and bad wording can significantly degrade your user experience and when users spend less time on your page compared to your competition your ranking in the search engines will drop. Broken Japanese can lead to increased bounce rate which is again an alert for searching engines that something is fishy. We would dissuade everyone from using machine translated text because apparent mistakes can cause significant losses and it is extremely hard to regain your reputation. Our team at Seizoroi is here to help you when it’s about translating text from English into Japanese. Feel free to send us an inquiry and we will be glad to assist you in the future.


What We Do

We at Seizoroi can proofread the content on your site or your Amazon product description. We feel that perfect wording and grammar is the key to success. A mobile application is useless without a usable user interface. You will most likely need a localized application if you want to engage in mobile phone application marketing in Japan.

About Us

A group of talented enthusiasts excelling in language skills. We read, translate, listen to, speak and do many other things with Japanese and English every day. We love Chinese characters, anime, sake and sushi.

We take pride in what we do. Our services are designed to help you or your business. We excel in online social media marketing and content writing in Japanese.

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